Iptables (Firewall)

In this page we will discuss about Linux Iptables. Iptables is the firewall in the Linux. Iptables can filter packets based on a MAC address of devices and the values of the flags in the TCP header. Its rate limiting feature that helps to block some types of denial of service (DoS) attacks.

How To Start iptables

Iptables can be start, stop and restart with the following commands.
[root@localhost ~]# service iptables start
[root@localhost ~]# service iptables stop
[root@localhost ~]# service iptables restart
Iptables Firewall Linux
Iptables Firewall Linux

To get Iptables configured to start at boot, use the chkconfig command:.
[root@localhost ~]#chkconfig iptables on
You can determine whether iptables is running or not via the service Iptables status command.
[root@localhost ~]# service iptables status
Iptables status
Iptables status

Iptables status off
Iptables status

Important coamand to flush all rule
[root@localhost ~]# iptables -F For more study
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