Python Installation

In order to install Python, download Windows Python installer from Python official website Run the Python installer, installation is pretty straight forward. Accept the default configuration. Once you are done Python, you have python on your computer. Certainly you have Python in C:/python in folder. If you are Linux lover good thing is CentOS 6.4 version come up with version 2.6. However you can install Python 3.x.

Installation in Linux

In order to install Python in Linux, download Python installer from website

Running Code in the Interactive Shell

Python is an interpreted language, and simple Python expressions and statements can be run in an interactive programming environment called the shell. The easiest way to open a Python shell is to launch the IDLE. As shown in Figure below
Python IDLE in Windows
IDLE in All program
Click on IDLE
Python IDLE in Windows
Python Shell
In Python you can simply type a= 10 , b=4 and then c=a+b, in this way you can type program here However for big prgrams use notepad++ for Windows and gedit in Linux, save the programs with the extension .py.
One important setting for Windows, the path of Python Interpreter must be set, right click on My Computer go to properties do as show in figure below.
Path setting of Python in Windows
Setting Python Path
See a very simple program "Hello World" may be your first program in C language as well.

Example 1:

print "Hello World";

Python Program execution
execution first program
In this way you can execute your program. I think this is very easy task.